The Town Planning Stage

The Town Planning Stage – the third stage of your core architectural services

Town planning approval is often required for singular residential project. It is often dependent on your site’s area and whether there are any Planning Overlays. These may include Heritage, Floodway, Wildfire Management, etc.. Typically this is confirmed at the pre-design stage. Occasionally as the design develops a planning overlay may be triggered, which would require a planning permit. For example you may decide to include a new fence in the scope, and depending on the overlays in your council this may or may not trigger a planning permit. As this occurs you will be advised.

Prior to submitting your town planning application a meeting maybe held with the local council. This will be follow with the preparation of the application. This would include plans, diagrams, analyses, studies, reports and other information for the submission. Once these are complete I will assist you in lodging the formal application. Once the planning permit is granted it is time to move onto the Construction Documentation stage.