Design Development

Design Development – the second stage of your core architectural services

The Design Development stage for your project follows the approved Design Concept stage. The approved concept design drawings – which are typically, free hand drawings – will be translated over to CAD. These will help to explain the developed design to you. I will work closely with you during this stage to refine your design; and present samples of the proposed materials and finishes.

As with all stages of your project I will arrange, attend and record meetings with you. I will also arrange, attend and record meetings with authorities (town planners etc.), other consultants and other relevant parties.

As necessary the work of other Specialist Consultants (Structural Engineer, Ecological Sustainable Design (ESD) consultant, Building Surveyor etc.) will be coordinated to assist in the development of your design.

I will review the developed design against your budget for the Cost of Works and coordinate the preparation of an updated estimate of the Cost of Works with the Cost Consultant.

At the end of this stage I will obtain your approval of the developed design; before proceeding to the next stage of your project.