Value Management

What is value management?

In architect’s speak value management is an effective tool for helping us to help you. It assists you to understand the real implications of your requirements (otherwise known as the design brief).

Value management shares the decision-making. It empowers you to makecritical decisions when it comes to your home’s design and budget.

It is a formal way of referring to an aspect of the architectural services that we always provide to our clients.

Value management is not only about cost saving, it is about identifying your projects’ value and your requirements.

It identifies areas of potential cost saving, considers your design options, and helps you to select the best solutions. It also assists to identify where there are conflicts between costs and quality.

Value management is the most effective at the beginning of your project, during brief formation (your wish list) and the concept design stage. The advantages of value management rapidly decreases past the concept stage. By the completion of the working drawing (which architects call the construction documentation) the benefits have all but disappeared.

It is sensible to use value management in the early stages of your project, as it has great benefits, including:- evaluating design options against the your objections- addressing urgent design decisions at the beginning of the design process- reviewing, amending (if necessary) and confirming your design brief (your wish list)- the examination and confirmation of your budget- addressing your home’s life cycle cost issues, otherwise referred to as cradle to grave- addressing operational considerations (energy, running costs etc)

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