Should I Be Honest What My True Budget Is

The simple answer is yes. You should be completely upfront with what your budget is as it can avoid abortive fees and time. An architect works hard to work within your budget; however, your architect should firstly establish whether your budget is realistic to start with and that you have the appropriate contingencies etc. People often hear horror stories about projects going over budget; this is often due to client requested changes or additions which are outside of the budget. We are all human and this can easily happen.

It is often difficult to settle for a laminex bench top when you really want stone. It is similar to when you are buying a new outfit; how many times have you ended up spending more than you have wanted. However, your architect needs to be smart with your money. All your fixtures and fittings don’t need to equivalent to Armani, Donna Karen etc; however, you might just need a couple of great pieces to pull an outfit off. How many times have a great pair of shoes made an outfit. Plus who wants to be dressed head to toe in high-end labels; don’t you want to be unique. Don’t you want to express your own personality? One needs to be smart (in looks and thinking).

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