Small Projects Are Fun

I have a thing for small projects. I adore doing residential renovations and extensions in the inner-city of Melbourne. It ticks all my boxes. It gets me excited.

Firstly, you get to work with existing homes. The inner-city of Melbourne has some beautiful period homes. I adore their detailing with their ornate cornices, ceiling roses, skirting and architraves. I am happy to restore; however, I never recreate. To me recreating has a level of dishonesty. It is always void of the years of use – and often layers of paint – that gives it added character. Re-creating period homes simply does not work. Trust me. I also love how these houses represent a period of time in the past.

Secondly, you get to create an extension that is of our current times. I never recreate the existing – it is so not me (If this is not want I can always put you in touch with the right architect). I might be inspired by the existing. I may pick up on the form or theme of the existing house; however, I would not straight out copy it.

Thirdly, most of the inner-city sites are tight. This makes in more challenging for me. I love challenges. It is like working with a puzzle. You work away with it until it is resolved.

Fourthly, small projects allow you to get lost in the details – another weakness (or strength) of mine.

Finally, these projects tend to be more creative. I find the more challenges produces more creatively. What more would you want?

There are lots of other reasons I love working on small projects; however, these are some of main ones.