Cultural Differences

I love meeting people of different cultures and I love understanding how they live.

When I came back to Australia I worked on some apartments in Kuala Lumpur. This is when I was introduced to the concept of two kitchens. One is known as a wet kitchen; where the majority of the cooking is done. The other is called a dry kitchen; which is more of a show kitchen. This sort of arrangement would probable suit me seeing I am such a messy cook! 

Now here are some interesting notes on how Texans live. Whilst I was in London I worked on the design of some residential apartments in Dallas. This probable won’t surprise you; but Texan’s appliances are huge. Everything is massive; the fridges, the ovens … etc. It’s pretty impressive. It was hard enough designing in feet and inches let alone having to take this into consideration.

Another thing Texans seem obsessed about is their closets (walk-in-robes); which are pretty impressive. With their space planning they like to walk through the bathroom to their closets; rather than the other way around.