Specialist Consultants And Your Project

I know people think architects are wonderful and we can do everything; however, sometimes we need the help of specialist consultants. These are professionals with particular skill sets. During my discussions with a new client, I identified the need for specialist consultants to assist in the delivery of your project. These will be listed in the Client and Architect Agreement and it will indicates the specialist consultants who are to be engaged by you as the client. It is important to remember to include these fees in your Total Project Budget. I will also make recommendations if the need for additional specialist consultants arises during the course of the project. Some of my clients have their own specialist consultants; however, typically I introduce  them to consultants I have used on previous projects. On your project the following specialist consultants maybe needed:

Geo-Technical Engineer

A Geo-Technical Engineer will carry out a soil test to classify the soil type. This information is used by the Structural Engineer to design the building’s footings.

Land Surveyor

A land surveyor will typically be engaged to carry out a Title Re-establishment survey; this prevents you from building on other people’s land. A costly mistake you want to avoid. They may also carry out a Feature Survey where levels and height of existing buildings are obtained on the subject site and adjoining properties.

Building Surveyor

A Building Surveyor provides expert pre-design advice and consultation of the Building Act, Building Regulations and Building Code of Australia; along with issuing the Building Permit.  

Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity Surveyor (also known as a Cost Consultant) provides expert advice on building costs. 

Environmental Sustainable (ESD) Consultant

An Environmental Sustainable (ESD) Consultant carries out an energy rating report – which is a requirement of the Building Code of Australia – and expert advice on ESD issues. 

Structural Engineer

Structural engineers are concerned with all aspects of a structure and the building’s stability.  An easy way to explain structure is to visualize a building as a human body; the architect is concerned with the body shape and appearance, whilst the structural engineer is more concerned with the skeleton and sinews.

Sometimes as the need arises other specialist consultants may need to be engaged; which your architect will inform you of.