Architect’s Registration Course

Are you considering becoming registered?

Are you a graduate of architecture, living in Melbourne, and wanting to become registered? I highly recommend the PARC course, run by the lovely Bryan Miller and Nicole Hardman, which I completed in 2010. If you are considering doing the course apply ASAP to avoid disappointment. The details below have been provided by Bryan Miller.

What is PARC?

Practicing Architecture Pty Ltd (PARC) is a small education provider specializing in the area of Architectural Professional Practice. PARC is run by Architects for Architects (and for those preparing to be registered as Architects). Over the last ten years the PARC Tutorials have assisted some 2000 applicants with achieving their architectural registration with an average pass rate within our participants across this time of over 90%.

What are the PARC Tutorials?

The PARC Tutorials are series of weekly tutorials designed to prepare participants for the Architectural Practice Exam (APE). The APE is run nationally by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) with local State and Territory Architectural Registration Boards. Successful completion of the APE is the primary prerequisite for registration as an Architect in Australia. The tutorials are run twice a year to coincide with the two rounds of the APE. They consist of ten weekly tutorials leading up to the National Examination Paper (part 2 of the APE). Then a further two tutorials for preparation for the Interview (part 3). Each group has a maximum of 30 participants to ensure both the tutorial format and low participant to tutor ratio are maintained.


To apply for a place in the PARC Tutorials you will require an Application Kit. If you do not already have a kit please email us at:

To obtain a place firstly please read our terms and conditions attached to the enrolment form. If they are acceptable to you complete the enrolment form, make the payment of the tuition fees and send the completed form and proof of payment to us. Upon receipt of your enrolment form and payment we will confirm your place in the tutorial group of your choice (if it is available). If your preferred group is full at the time of your application we will offer an alternate place in another group. Places are allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis and maximum tutorial participant numbers will not be exceeded.

Your next step

Applications are now being received for both 2015 Autumn and Winter Seasons. As places typically fill quite quickly we suggest you apply at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment. If you plan to sit the APE in the same season as undertaking the Tutorials please check your own eligibility to sit the APE, especially your minimum experience requirements. If you have not already done so may we suggest that you have a good look at the AACA and ARBV web sites and download all information regarding the APE including the Guide for Candidates, National Competency Standards and the Sample Paper.

Thank you for your interest

Nicole Hardman

Mobile: 0438 384 839

Bryan Miller

Mobile: 0412 180 930Comments from some of our previous candidates “Great class and the process seemed a lot less daunting with your guidance” AB“So glad it’s over. Thanks for your help guys. I am sure I would not have made it without the tutes” GS“Thanks again for your tutorials. I am quite certain I would have not passed without them” CB“Thanks for all your help. I passed! I have also recommended your course to a number of people” BD“Thank goodness I don’t have to go through the oral exam again. I found the written (part 2) easier to deal with. Thank you for your classes and your efforts” CG“I don’t think i would have made it through without your course…thank you!!! I will definitely be recommending it to others preparing for the registration process.” LS“Thank you for all your guidance and help along the way. You both made it a truly bearable process and even enjoyable at times!” NM“Thanks again, it is true to say I couldn’t have done it without your class. Keep up the invaluable work and thank you very much for an honestly enjoyable 12 weeks.” RO 

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