Architects Registration Board

The Architects Registration Board of Victoria

The Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) was established in 1923. It’s  role is to ensure the aims of the  ‘Architects Registration Act’ are carried out.

It is a self-funding statutory authority which has as its primary responsibilities, the registration of architects and approval of architectural companies/partnerships, investigation of complaints against architects, provision of Tribunal inquiry into professional conduct and accreditation of architecture courses.

Policy and administrative arrangements address achievement of the purposes of the Architects Act and Architects Regulations.

The Act contains provisions for:

  • Approval of companies and partnerships to offer architectural services
  • Registration of architects
  • Regulation of architects’ professional conduct
  • Procedures for handling complaints against architects
  • Protection of the title of “Architect” and the terms “architectural services”, “architectural design services” and “architectural design”
  • Accreditation of architectural qualifications
  • Board determination of qualifications and experience required for registration
  • Architects Registration Board membership, procedures, powers and duties