Why did I become an architect?

I am often asked the question why did I become an architect. Firstly it wasn’t because of Architect Barbie – she was yet to be born. My standard response is: “I was born an architect.” It creates visions of me being in my mother’s womb holding a pencil, ruler and a set square. It wasn’t quite how it happened; however, I have always been fascinated by architecture. As a child I felt for vacant houses – as they seemed to have no sole. I also ways noticed something different about the public buildings in the local towns (I grew up on a farm) and beautiful homesteads of the Western District of Victoria; it was as if people had created these buildings out of love (and I am sure they were). I was drawn to them like an old familiar teddy; I loved them with the same passion. I also loved collecting house plans. I would see kit houses advised in the ‘Stock and Land’ and ‘Weekly Times’ and send away for their plans.