A Glimpse into Victoria’s Heritage: Spotlight on the Salter House

Owning a heritage property can be a unique and fulfilling experience. Yet, like any home, they require regular upkeep. In some instances, renovations and extensions become necessary to suit growing families and modern-day requirements. When integrating these new aspects, it’s crucial they blend seamlessly, thereby adding depth to the house’s ongoing narrative and ensuring the essence of the past isn’t overshadowed.

Numerous homes in Victoria boast a rich heritage. Some enjoy official recognition via the Victorian Heritage Register at the state level or through local council Heritage Overlays. Meanwhile, others, whilst being of heritage and cultural significance, await such formal acknowledgment.

To assist homeowners through the intricate process of renovating heritage homes or adapting other heritage structures for residence, the Heritage Council of Victoria created a guide which you can find here. This guide seamlessly blends modern design principles with a deep respect for cultural heritage. It sheds light on the nuances of heritage importance, addresses potential opportunities and hurdles, offers design insights, and briefly navigates readers through Victoria’s heritage preservation system. This guide features our Former Salter House, a restoration project to a significant piece of Australia‚Äôs architectural history. You can find more information on this project on our website here.

Furthermore, the Heritage Council of Victoria curated a series of informative case studies. These showcase innovative approaches to revamping homes, flats, and other residential spaces while staying true to their heritage roots. One of these case studies is our Former Salter House project. You can find the case study here.

The Former Salter House was originally designed by Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin, who won the competition for designing Canberra. You can learn more about this duo by watching Restoration Australia episode on Castlecrag, with the link being here.