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Saving for a HouseHow much is my renovation going to cost?

This is a very good question and it is normally one of the first conversations I have with all my new clients. It is like asking how much are a pair of shoes. Of course shoes from Prada are going to have a much higher price stag than ones from Kmart. Some factors that influence the costs of works for a renovation include:

  • The square area – naturally the larger the project the higher the costs are.
  • The number of wet areas (kitchens, bathrooms, laundry’s etc) – wet areas are labour intensive with the highest concentration of trades, fixtures and fittings.. Read more…



The existing floor plan

This project is located in Newport in the inner-city of Melbourne. My client came to me with the desperate need of additional space; and they did not want to relocate to a new property due to the costs involved (stamp duty, relocation costs, etc.).

The Brief

Their brief was simple. The additional accomodation they required was a fourth bedroom and an ensuite. They also wanted to a new kitchen and bathroom.

The Constraints

The restriction included the Building Regulations setback requirements; which prevented a second storey being build (I was also concerned about the increased costs; along with additional area required for a stair). My clients also did not want to extend into their rear garden – neither did I.

The proposed floor plan

The Solution

The existing plan was reworked and extended. The design cleverly took advantage of the narrow space beside the house – the area which is never used for anything. The increase in area of 7.5sqm was minimal.

To think my clients were able to achieve one additional bathroom, walk-in-robe and bedroom; with only 7.5sqm of additional floor space is amazing. Plus the estimate come in well under budget. That is what I call a happy client.