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A brief guide to help you understand our language

Brief – Your wish list

Client – That’s you

Consultant – A person who is consulted for paid expert advice, i.e. structural engineer, surveyor etc. We can advise you on the appointment of your consultants, from our trusted team.

Contingency sum – A sum of money included in a building contract or preserved outside it for costs (if necessary), for things unforeseen at the time that the building contract price was calculated. Contingency sums are highly recommended and we can assist you in establishing a recommended amount, which is normally calculated on a percentage.

Design Contingency Sum – A sum of money allowed in your project’s budget to cover the cost of matters that are unknown or unresolved at the time your budget is established. Your design contingency will typically be proportionally high early in the design stages and reduces as the design develops. Design Contingency Sums are highly recommended, and we can assist you in establishing an amount, typically calculated on a percentage.

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Home Renovation Cupcakes

An open letter to your future client, explaining what architects do’ by Christine Murray, an article published in the Architectural Journal (19th July, 2012 edition).

Dear future client,

Imagine a child, standing impatiently on a chair while a grandmother measures their body: the length of their torso, the span of the shoulders, the length of their arms, the inner leg.

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How do I be a good client?

Good architecture needs collaboration and dialogue from the outset. Be ready to add your own views and banish the misplaced idea that an architect will impose their own tastes and ideas on the project. My aim is to work closely with my client with a strong collaborative approach. This is a key ingredient to every successful project.