Master Plan

Our intensive planning sessions are aimed at anyone who is unsure of how to get a project underway, struggling to convert ideas into a cohesive vision, or just keen to embark on a project armed with a solid understanding of the process.

Combining your ideas with our experience

A Master Plan Session gives you the knowledge to be more confident about your project and what’s possible – and what’s not. We conduct extensive research before our meeting to help you deal with issues specific to your project, allowing you to focus on the parts that interest and inspire you to achieve the best results. We’ll bring enthusiasm, extensive design experience and a commitment to listen deeply to your vision and ideas, and we’ll leave you with sketch ideas and knowledge and insights into the process of your new build, renovation or extension.

The Master Planning fineprint

The Master Plan Sessions include:

  • An overview of issues relevant to your project based on our extensive pre-meeting research
  • Property assessment
  • Discussions of your aims and brief
  • Design and development of concept design layouts and thumbnail sketches of ideas
  • Workshopping your ideas, testing alternatives and consolidating what works
  • Rough cost calculations, project budgets, Cost of Works budgets, permits, fees, specialist consultants, builder selection, time frames, cost control, pitfalls to avoid, and high performance, ultra-low energy, comfortable and healthy homes

Depending on your preferences, we may also provide you with a Fee Proposal to take your project from concept through to completion on site.

Location: Your project’s site (or via Zoom, if the site is remote).

Dates: Contact for us for availability (we do have limited availability for these sessions).

Cost: $1,270 (including GST)

“We had a Master class session with Jane. From the outset and initial contact with her we found she was incredibly responsive and personable. Jane was easy to talk with and was genuine. Through the session Jane was able to advise us of rough estimate costs to do our renovation and also propose potential savings with alternate floor plans. Jane through this session listened to what we wanted and also discussed how best to utilise the space effectively.”


How can I book a Session?

You can book one of these Sessions by filling out this contact form.

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