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Tax Calculator
Where do all the costs go?

Of you overall costs of works for a new build home 25% of your costs could be taken up with external works and services (power, water, gas, sewer, storm water, paving, fencing etc), contingency, escalation, and GST; with the remaining 75% being taken up with building works.

Of the building work component you would roughly expect the following break down of costs:
– super structure (floors, walls, windows, doors, and roof) would on average around 50%
– floor, walls and ceiling finishes would range from 10% to 19%
– fittings (joinery, metal work, and sanitary) could range from 17% to 34%
– services (heating, electrical and cooling) could range from 8% to 15%

Oh course every project is different and unique, thus the above figures should be used as a rough guide only.

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