Working with an entrepreneur

My first experience of working with an entrepreneur was in London when I was appointed project leader for a new restaurant/bar/night-club in Mayfair London called ‘Automat’/’17 Berkeley Street’.

The project was located with an existing building. It was huge – a wonderland for the rich and famous. It was located over three levels – two of these being sub-terrain – running length ways between two streets. It was a nightmare trying to sort out the fire egress; let alone the liquor licenses for the different parts of the project.

The client was the charming restaurateur and architect Carlos Alamado – an Argentinean living in New York City. He was involved with the famous Man Ray restaurants in Paris and New York. He was extremely well connected – which helps if you are in the hospitality industry. I could bore you with names; but I won’t. This guy had vision. He was so persistent with this project when many would have given up. Like many similar ventures it can take time. On many occasions the project would stop; then start again upon additional funding being secured.

The project took years to finish and I had moved on from the architectural practice I was working for by the time it was completed. Whilst I was walking past one day the charismatic Carlos was running out the door, realized a familiar face, planet a huge kiss on my check, and kept going. I am sure he didn’t remember who I was; but I am sure he kisses familiar faces dozens of times a day.

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