Love Residential Clients

I love working with residential clients

My first love has always been residential architecture. I have always been fascinated by houses. From the days of growing up on farm – where I would visit the local homesteads – to now seeing the houses entered in the annual Architecture Awards.

I have always been intrigued by how people live. I think this is part of the reason I have spent so much time overseas. When visiting a foreign country my preference has always been to stay in someone’s home rather than a hotel. Thankfully I have lots of friends in amazing places. This fascination of how people live translates to my love of designing homes.

I also adore working with private clients. It is much more personal. I enjoy the process of understanding how a client lives and what they want to achieve with their new home. No two clients are the same.

Residential architecture also gives me the opportunity to combine my love of architecture and interiors – not that I consider these to be two seperate disciplines (I will leave this for another post).

My ideal project would be a new-build house where I take the project from the initial brief right through to the completion of the build; designing and selecting all the items for the house including the cutlery set. Just like the great architects did.