The Inner City Project

I love working on inner-city residential projects. The sites are small, challenging and require creative solutions.

Typically the clients are desperate for additional space.  They have the option of relocating or renovating.

They have looked at moving; but don’t want to give up their current location and lifestyle (who blames them). Nor do they want to move further away from the city.

They have explored the costs involved in relocating (stamp duty, relocation costs, potential renovation costs for their new property) and have decided that it is more feasible to stay.

Typically the clients decide to hang onto their existing properties; however, in order to do so they need to address inadequate space issues. These can be addresses my exploring the client’s needs and coming up with creative solutions; whether this is providing adequate storage within the existing footprint or extending to the ground or first floor levels. Often people feel they need to add an additional room when in fact they need additional storage.

Question you like like to explore include:

Can a study nook be provided rather than building on an additional room for a study?

Can your existing spaces become more flexible?

Is there potential storage space in your ceiling void? 

Can some simple alterations create a sense of space rather than increasing your footprint?