Design Brief

The design brief is your wish-list.

The design brief covers everything you want from your project. A well-written design brief is essential to your project’s success. It should be clear and unambiguous, and set out key requirements. It should outline your vision and communicating your aims and aspirations.

Your design brief should describe the main function of the finished project. It will outline your motivation, expectations, design direction and set a realistic timeframe and budget.

One of my most important skills and roles is helping you to form your design brief. It can point out what is possible in terms of cost and design, asking you questions and making suggestions. I can help you to identify the best and worst spatial characteristics of your project and to offer ideas that will enhance your living space. Your contribution at this stage is vital and will involve a number of discussions which is essential for your project’s success. The initial brief will form the basis of the Architect and Client Agreement.