Renovation Costs

How much is my renovation going to cost?

This is a very good question and it is normally one of the first conversations I have with all my new clients. It is like asking how much are a pair of shoes. Of course shoes from Prada are going to have a much higher price stag than ones from Kmart. Some factors that influence the costs of works for a renovation include:

The square area – naturally the larger the project the higher the costs are.
The number of wet areas (kitchens, bathrooms, laundry’s etc) – wet areas are labour intensive with the highest concentration of trades, fixtures and fittings..
Materials & Finishes – there is a huge difference in material costs. For example: the square meter rate for a window is around $500, whilst a stud wall is around $120 – thus the larger your glazing area is the higher the costs will be.
Fixtures & Fittings – you can find great prices differences in items like ovens, taps, lighting etc.
The amount of joinery – this can be an expensive item, and the more joinery the higher the costs.
The work required to the existing dwelling – this may include re-stumping, re-wiring, re-plastering, etc.
The number of levels – second storey will have a premium with the additional costs of scaffolding, access etc.
Access to the site – the tighter the site the more difficult it is for the builder to build.
Ground conditions – the more reactive your soil the deeper your footings need to go.