Furniture Plans

I was having a conversation with a builder the other day and I was reminded how important furniture plans are. It breaks my heart to see people shelve out thousands on renovations and extensions when it ends up being difficult – or impossible – to furnish.

I once visited a potential client who had carried out an extension fifteen years earlier. The main space was designed as the living room; however, it was difficult to furnish due to its proportions and all the doors coming off the space. It could have worked as a dining room; however, the other space was too small for a living room.

With all of my projects I always produce a furniture plan. It not only illustrates that the spaces can be furnished; it also helps the client to understand the scale. I always discuss which pieces of furniture are to be retained and which are to be replaced.  It also helps the client to budget for additional furniture – if required. I also go through a similar process with significant pieces of artwork.