Do you want to learn more about me?

I grew up in the Western District of Victoria on a wool and beef property. Yes I am a farm girl. It may not be obvious; however, once a farm girl always a farm girl. At the age of sixteen I left the comforts of farm living and headed off to the big smoke of Melbourne; where I studied technical drawing for two years. Following this I return to the Western District to live and worked in Warrnambool for eighteen months. Then I got itchy feet and set off on my first overseas adventure to London (via Moscow); where I stayed for two years studying architecture part-time and working full-time as a nanny and carer for some amazing people.

Following this I returned to our capital city of Canberra; where I completed my first degree in Architecture. My love for Sydney was too much so I decided to do my second degree in Architecture at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Upon graduation I stayed on for another five years until Europe was calling me once again. Rather than flying to London I flew to Saigon; then travelled overland to Amsterdam all by my little lonesome. Then I ended up living in London for seven fabulous years working with some amazing people on some amazing projects in amazing places. I was living the dream. However, my love of Australia (and my family) got too much for me and I moved to Melbourne (Plus I needed to meet my husband – who I hadn’t yet met) and set up my practice Jane Cameron Architects.