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The following is an extract from the Buidling Commission website.

An owner-builder is defined as a person who constructs or renovates a domestic building on his or her own land, who is not in the business of building.

It is important to consult your building surveyor at the outset to determine if a certificate of consent is required. This may be a private building surveyor or a municipal building surveyor.

Did you know that an owner-builder takes on all the risks and responsibilities of a registered building practitioner? Before you decide to do-it-yourself, get the facts on being an owner-builder.

•Fact: Owner-builders must obtain a Certificate of Consent for any domestic building work with a value over $12,000 in order to obtain a building permit.

•Fact: Owner-builders can only obtain a building permit for one home in a three year period.

•Fact: Owner-builders do not build for a profit (rent or sale).

•Fact: Owner-builders must be an owner of the land/property (must have their name on the Certificate of Title). Further information can be found on the Land Titles Office website (Certificates of Titles/Register Search Statements). Visit www.land.vic.gov.au.

•Fact: Owner-builders must reside and continue to reside, or intend to reside in the property.

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