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Tax Calculator
Where do all the costs go?

Of you overall costs of works for a new build home 25% of your costs could be taken up with external works and services (power, water, gas, sewer, storm water, paving, fencing etc), contingency, escalation, and GST; with the remaining 75% being taken up with building works.

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For all my projects I recommend the engagement of a cost consultant, otherwise known as a quantity surveyor. Cost consultants specialise in estimating construction costs in advance. Engaging a cost consultant is fundamental to effective cost management, particularly through the design and documentation stages of your projects. Cost consultant significantly decreases the likelihood of cost overruns that could lead to project delays and/or abortive documentation costs. It is highly recommended that the appointed cost consultantĀ is

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Saving for a HouseHow much is my renovation going to cost?

This is a very good question and it is normally one of the first conversations I have with all my new clients. It is like asking how much are a pair of shoes. Of course shoes from Prada are going to have a much higher price stag than ones from Kmart. Some factors that influence the costs of works for a renovation include:

  • The square area – naturally the larger the project the higher the costs are.
  • The number of wet areas (kitchens, bathrooms, laundry’s etc) – wet areas are labour intensive with the highest concentration of trades, fixtures and fittings.. Read more…