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The ingredients of good design

The recipe for good design include:

  • delivering a customised home designed to your own individual brief
  • providing a home that is inclusiveness and accessibility for all
  • delivering fitness for purpose, without the expensive add-ons
  • providing sustainability that is incorporated into the fabric and use of the building
  • creating a low running and maintenance costs home
  • delivering a return on your investment
  • creating a positive impact on your environment
  • completing you home on-time and on-budget
  • providing flexibility for a future change of use
  • delivering cost-effectiveness in the long term, with good design always costing less than bad design
  • delivering value over the whole life cycle of the your home


401KThe Australian Institute of Architects and others work hard to promote good design and its added value to society; however, do we forget about the other side of the story? Does bad design have its costs? Badly designed places incur costs to the building’s owners and occupiers, neighbours and society. This may include monetary value, running costs, maintenance, function, etc. It is certainly food for thought.