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Grundtvig Memorial Church

p.v. jensen-klint 06, grundtvig memorial church 1913-1940

I adore Jensen-Klint’s detailing for the brickwork in his design of the Grundtvig’s Church.

The interior is inspired by Gothic architecture with its verticality and is juxtaposed with the lack of ornamentation using single uncut brick adhering to the minimalist modern aesthetic. The use of yellow brick – a Danish vernacular material – brings a sense of familiar and warmth to the Danes. This interior remains fresh whilst having the ability to transcend time.

I am embarrassed to say I never visited this church when I was in Copenhagen – maybe next time.


Conférence NWX2012I’m excited to be going to two architecture conferences this year; both are being held in Melbourne.

The first is Transform: Altering the Future of Architecture; an event run by Parlour and the University of Melbourne. It is a day of discussion and debate about gender, agency and remaking the profession.

The second conference is the National Architecture Confernce which will explore contemporary applications and ideas surrounding material in architecture.



Why did I become an architect?

I am often asked the question why did I become an architect. Firstly it wasn’t because of Architect Barbie – she was yet to be born. My standard response is: “I was born an architect.” It creates visions of me being in my mother’s womb holding a pencil, ruler and a set square. It wasn’t quite how it happened; however, I have always been fascinated by architecture. As a child I felt for vacant houses – as they seemed to have no sole. I also ways noticed something different about the public buildings in the local towns (I grew up on a farm) and beautiful homesteads of the Western District of Victoria; it was as if people had created these buildings out of love (and I am sure they were). I was drawn to them like an old familiar teddy; I loved them with the same passion. I also loved collecting house plans. I would see kit houses advised in the ‘Stock and Land’ and ‘Weekly Times’ and send away for their plans.


image by Alexandre Dulaunoy via flickr

I have a thing for small projects. I adore doing residential renovations and extensions in the inner-city of Melbourne. It ticks all my boxes. It gets me excited.

Firstly, you get to work with existing homes. The inner-city of Melbourne has some beautiful period homes. I adore their detailing with their ornate cornices, ceiling roses, skirting and architraves. I am happy to restore; however, I never recreate. To me recreating has a level of dishonesty. It is always void of the years of use – and often layers of paint – that gives it added character. Re-creating period homes simply does not work. Trust me. I also love how these houses represent a period of time in the past.

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image by HeatherKaiser via flickrI love working closely with my clients. It is fun collecting all the little bits of information about them that will inform their design. I thrive on making their design’s bespoke. After all who wants to be a cookie cutter – not me!  

I try to understand my client’s likes, dislikes; and tap into those things that particularly inspire them. Sometimes I feel like a psychologist!

I try and take clues from their furniture, objects, etc. I sometimes ask what they particularly like about these objects.

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