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The simple answer to this is – I do! The architecture that I create is driven by the path of the sun and the local climate. I am always thinking about the sun angles during different times of the year. You would plan a house located in Cairns completely different to how you would plan a Melbourne house. In Melbourne you want to take maximum advantage of solar gain during cooler days.

With Melbourne’s extreme weather changes in a short period of time you ideally want to be able to control the sun through manipulative devices i.e. external blinds, shutters, retractable awning etc. I often remind myself how extreme Victorian weather can be; one Christmas whilst I was on the farm I had the fire going.

My designs are also driven by natural light. Having lived in numerous houses from my travels I know how horrible it is to live in a house that has poor natural light.

I find Melbourne residence have a huge fear of the classic Melbourne heatwave; however, do you know we use more energy to keep ourselves warm that to keep ourselves cool?

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