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As architects we are experts, and professionals who will take the lead on all aspects of your project, we will keeping your best interests in mind.

This blog post sets out to explain some of the key aspects of working with us to enable the best project outcome for you.

The blog starts by discussing the beginning of your project, where we will establish a clear direction for the architecture, interiors, materials, and finishes, through in-depth discussions with you and the use of mood imagery.

It will then discuss the outline brief’s development, which follows with a detailed briefing document, that captures all your needs and requirements.

The last section looks into how the above processes provide a foundation for us, as your architects, to then select all the materials, finishes, and fixtures which we feel will be the best fit for your project.

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This image is of the concrete, which has been formed on site, for one of my inner-city Melbourne projects. It has been used for the kitchen joinery, on the sides and the bench top. For the bench top a smooth concrete surface was created, whilst the sides were as per the image. I love the materiality of the concrete, it almost looks like limestone. The use of concrete was my client’s wonderful idea, whilst the builders did an amazing job, which included some experimentation. This is what I call true collaboration: client, builder and architect.