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Federation Story is a free interactive exhibition at Federation Square that traces the events, people and ideas that led to Australia’s Federation. It also celebrates the richly diverse stories and events that have continued to shape our country, our culture and our place in the world. My story has been featured. You can view the link here.


When I was working as project architect on the Burberry stores in Europe and the Middle East, I not only had the benefit of working on some amazing projects in the most fantastic places, but I also got invited to the Burberry staff sales. Nice.


Can you spot me in this video?

I forgot all about this video until I came across it today on the web. If you fast forward it to 4.07 minutes I am the one on the right, resting on my hand. When I lived in London I worked with Philippe Starck, who is said to be the most famous and prolific designer alive. This particular video is part of the promotional material for ‘The House’ in downtown Dallas, Texas – a 28-story high rise apartment tower. I was the senior concept designer responsible for all the apartment layouts and the interior design for each residence and the common areas (lobby, business centre, owner’s lounge, and pool).


After three years of being on the Member Services Committee of the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) I am stepping down to focus on my other commitments at the AIA.

Congratulations to Clare Cousins for being elected as the new chairperson for 2014, and thank you to the current chairperson and long standing committee member Wojciech Pluta, who is also retiring.



ABC Radio National ‘By Design’

Yesterday I was a guest on ABC Radio National By Design show with the presenter Fenella Kernebone. The topic of the discussion was ‘Designing for Children’ and I was accompanied by the stylist Megan Morton and educator Annette Mauer.

You can listen to the show here.


image by ine beerten via flickr

The challenge for next Friday evening, the 21st of June, is the ‘Art Deco’ dress code for the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter 2013 awards presentation dinner being held in Melbourne at the Peninsula, Docklands. What shall I wear?



Conférence NWX2012I’m excited to be going to two architecture conferences this year; both are being held in Melbourne.

The first is Transform: Altering the Future of Architecture; an event run by Parlour and the University of Melbourne. It is a day of discussion and debate about gender, agency and remaking the profession.

The second conference is the National Architecture Confernce which will explore contemporary applications and ideas surrounding material in architecture.


Victorian Chapter Practice of Architecture (PoA) Committee

Yesterday I was nominated on the Victorian Chapter Practice of Architecture (PoA) Committee by the Small Practice Forum at the Australian Institute of Architects. The PoA Committee is “essentially a management and editorial committee to (a) identify and prioritise practice issues and (b) select experts, typically outside of the committee, most suitable to write practice notes on the above mentioned issues or action tasks.”

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No point building castles in the air by Ann Pilmer (an extract from The Age)

Wish lists are just the start. Renovators have to budget for unexpected costs.

What’s on your renovation wish list –  a new kitchen and bedroom, extra living space, an en suite, outdoor kitchen, cellar and a home theatre?

Whatever your budget, rethink it or stretch it. Fees and hidden costs such as GST will eat up a fifth or as much as a third for smaller projects.

Sole practitioners, architects Jane Cameron and Christopher Hewson, say they frequently have to disillusion new clients about the real cost of renovating.

Bronwyn Pratt in her renovated Albert Park house. Even with knowledge of the industry, she says she was taken aback by the hidden costs. Photo: Ken Irwin

Bronwyn Pratt in her renovated Albert Park house. Even with knowledge of the industry, she says she was taken aback by the hidden costs. Photo: Ken Irwin

”We live in a cut-price world,” says Mr Hewson. ”People can buy at a discount online and they see short cuts and DIY projects on reality shows, or a glossy picture in a magazine, and they think all this is easy to achieve. They don’t understand that costs can’t be readily pruned in real life and can’t be extended to professional services.”

In archispeak it’s about the cost of works versus the overall budget. Read more…