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image by davidhc via flickr

image by davidhc via flickr

I have always been intrigued by architecture. I grew up on a farm in the Western District of Victoria. I was  fascinated by the public buildings in the surrounding towns and I adored visiting the local homesteads. There was something special about these buildings.

I have always been fascinated with house plans. As a child I collectioned them. Some were come from a local builder. Others I send away for out of the farmers’ papers. Some I collected when my aunty took me around display homes.

I loved creating little villages out of sand or play dough. I adored Lego.

Drawing has always been a great love of mine. I still love getting lost in construction detailing. Whilst living on the farm I would obtain briefs from our occasional visitors. I would create concept designs for their dream homes. Things haven’t changed much. Now I am dealing with real clients with real projects.

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